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“K9” & Protection Academy

We do what we love!

We love what we do!

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Office No: 071 382 8772

Email: info@trainingk9.co.za


Here at “K9” Academy we firmly believe that every dog deserves an education!  

The time and effort that you put into training your dog will be rewarded again and again throughout your years together. 

Yes, it is possible to train any dog at any age, some may just need a little more patience and time than others.

Is training all we do at “K9” Academy??                  No way..... 

Take a little tour through our website and see all that we offer from classes to in-house training, to boarding in our Dog Hotel, to rest and recuperation after operations, to Hydrotherapy, to behavioural assistance to ensure that you and your dog have the most enjoyable life together possible.